sales conditions

Terms and Conditions.

1. Unless otherwise stipulated in writing, every offer and every (also future) agreement is governed by these conditions, which form an integral part of it and which take precedence over the customer's purchase conditions. These customer purchase conditions are not deemed to have been accepted by us, unless we have explicitly agreed otherwise with the customer in writing.
2. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, prices, brochures, catalogs or proposals are not binding and can be changed or improved at any time. An agreement is only concluded after written order confirmation from us. If orders are executed without our prior written agreement regarding the price, the prices of the order date apply.
3. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the delivery times stated in any written confirmation, agreement or other document are purely indicative and do not bind us. Any late delivery can therefore not give rise to termination of the agreement. Our liability is in any case limited to direct and foreseeable damage with a maximum of 2.5% of the value of the agreement. Changes to the order automatically mean that the indicative delivery times can be extended. In the event of late payment of advances, the delivery can be suspended and the indicative delivery times can be extended.
4. All goods and materials remain our property until full payment. Until then and without our written permission, the customer is strictly forbidden to alienate or pawn the goods, use them as a deposit or transfer them in any other way, legally or physically.
5. All ordered goods and materials are delivered ex works / warehouse De Pinte. These goods and materials are accepted at the place of delivery. They are transported at the risk of the customer, even if it has been agreed that we provide, organize or are otherwise involved in the transport. Transport and any insurance costs are always at the expense of the customer, unless otherwise agreed. The customer guarantees that all precautions have been taken and that all conditions have been met to receive the goods at the time specified by us. All damage caused because this is not the case remains solely at the expense of the customer.
6. If the customer refuses to take delivery, makes delivery impossible or delays delivery substantially, we have the right to terminate the agreement by written notification to the customer (without any judicial intervention or other formalities being required). required) and from the date of the aforementioned written notification the agreement is deemed to have been dissolved due to breach of contract by the customer and compensation is payable. Without prejudice to our right to prove greater damage, this compensation is fixed at a flat rate of at least 25% - increased to 75% in the case of custom work - of the total purchase price excluding VAT.
7. Unless expressly stipulated otherwise, the prices communicated to the customer are exclusive of all taxes, fees or other charges levied by any government that may be due because of the sale or purchase of the goods and materials. The customer is only liable for the payment of these taxes, duties or charges and if they are charged to us or are due by law, the customer undertakes to repay them to us without delay.
8. All invoices are payable to the bank account number stated on our invoices. All invoices must be paid in full without any discount or deduction for bank charges. The amount in question must be available in our bank account on the due date stated on the invoice. In the event of overdue payment, a statutory and conventional interest of 1% per month or part of a month is charged by law, without notice of default, from the due date. The interest owed by the customer is capitalized per year, provided that we send him a registered notice of default for this purpose.
9. In the event of non-payment on the due date, any amount due will be automatically increased by 12%, with a minimum of € 125 by way of conventional compensation as a fixed compensation for extrajudicial costs. This compensation yields the same statutory and conventional interest of 1% per month or part of a month. The unconditional payment of the entire invoice amount or a part thereof counts as acceptance of our invoice.
10. In the event of non-payment on the due date and after no notice of default has been received, the customer is deemed serious

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